all i loved, i loved alone


Circles as finished spirals in solid time...


In the beginning of 2016, Logan Prevatt and Noah turks departed from their previous band, The Price Of Sanity and embarked on a new venture into alternative (emo) and experimental music. Logan was playing local acoustic gigs at coffee houses and music stores with Brian Radway (Vocalist/Guitarist of White Knuckles), and having frequent jam sessions with Luke J Gladis (FKA; FDGTR). One evening in December of 2016 during a particularly horrific snowstorm, Logan, Noah, and Luke were locked in Logan's parents basement for the evening, and decided to attempt a cover of Touche Amore's post-hardcore/emo crossover hit 'Condolences' (cover can be found below). After that evening, Logan asked Noah to accompany himself and Brian on bass at an upcoming show in their hometown of Waukesha. They were asked by the venue for a name for the act, Logan told them to list them as Tacoma Washington Weekday Club, after searching his notebook for a name and stumbling across an old note he made during his sister's performance of a Church Christmas play. During the play, someone shouted the name and it caught his attention. After the show, Logan and Noah met local music promoter and radio host Gregg Wandsneider. Gregg offered them an interview on his Sunday night local-music-radio show 'Crazy Sundays'. Brian was unavailable so Logan and Noah went on alone, Logan playing acoustic guitar, and Noah doing vocals, they covered Weezer's 'Holiday' and Nirvana's 'Serve the Servants'. They soon after received a monthly show contract from a local coffee house and began playing out twice a month. After a period of acoustic shows, Logan and Noah brought on drummers Josh Turner and Zach Taylor to accompany them and began playing local bars. 

They wanted to make an album badly, and the writing process began. One night in 2016, they were writing in Logan's parents basement and accidentally stumbled upon several sets of chords that became the basis for the songs Melodrama, The Father, and Damascus. The writing process was typically centered around random jams that would turn into vamping on a set of chords, and then perfecting the guitar and bass lines in order to sync them to a common rhythm and tone and would make the seemingly simple guitar work and bass work sound interesting and memorable. They demo'd the songs on an old laptop and continued writing.

Months later, after they had organized the 11 songs that would become All I Loved, I Loved Alone, Logan stumbled upon a poem in an old book of Edgar Allen Poe's work. The poem was titled 'Alone' and the poem became the basis for the concept the lyrics would take. The lyrics on the album, while reflecting Logan's personal struggles and personal life, all became rooted in the feeling of alienation and lack of control the poem based itself in. The album's concept quickly shifted to being less a collection of emo songs, and more a collection of elements that would make up a feeling that was trying to be relayed to the listener. 

The band met, through Luke J Gladis, Ron Baake who would become the bands producer. They began recording in late 2016 in the incense filled recording booth of Sub-T Studio. The photo shoot that would become the album's cover and promotional photos were taken by Matt Fox (PRKR). The signature black and white lag was edited to all the photos by Logan, and became a recognizable staple of this album's ethos. The album was released in February 2017 and charted in the top 100 of the year on 

the music video for the father was written and directed by Edward Curran III of Enterprise Films, and the music video for Damascus was written by Logan Prevatt and directed by Jacob Durbin.