Shortly after the release of 'All I Loved, I Loved Alone', Logan and Noah began writing again with the intention of releasing a follow up. O'er, the album's flagship song had already been written before the release of 'All I Loved...' and it provided them with a base style to work off of. The intended product was to be 5 tracks long, and served as the leftovers from the previous record. But in one night, they wrote the songs that would become The Red Cliffs, Mummudrai, and Dodecagon, and it was clear that this upcoming release would be separate from its predecessor. 

The song 'Land' also known as 'A Rich Boy In His Father Helicopter' (available as a demo on the Joy At The Same Tone b-sides release on bandcamp, and also below as an in-studio take) was set to be track 5, and there was to be a cover of Radiohead's No Surprises. But upon entering the studio with producer Ron Baake, and doing a take of each, they found the songs to be less-than-satisfactory, and scrapped them all together. One more night of writing the following week would bring about the song Heirloom, which would take the place of those two tracks on the final release and serve as a jumping-point for the bands flair for the experimental. 


Halfway through the process of recording the EP, the band found a new member in Austin Mondloch, and secured Joshua Turner as a full-time member. One night when Logan was working with Austin pondering an outro for O'er, he described the concept of having a mock version of an automated weather report that would become demonic. Austin showed Logan a guitar piece he wrote, and the following day it was added as the outro to O'er. 

The band picked up its touring efforts considerably, playing in many states surrounding their home of Wisconsin, including an appearance on 88.9 Radio Milwaukee's 414Live program. But due to the business of life, lost Josh and Austin before the end of 2018's summer.