Personal hardships ensued after the release of The Torrent//The Fountain. Breakups, lost-love, dead friendships and fear. Logan and Noah began writing separately and came together one day with a shockingly large number of ideas and songs, all on the same wavelength. They immediately started compiling and demo'ing the songs and ideas with the assistance of new drummer Joshua Hill. There were so many pieces that the concept of a double album became a reality. 

The chaos of life translated to the chaos of the album, mixing many genres for the first time, the album became a conglomeration of emo, metal, trip-hop, country, piano-ballads, and jazz. Tracks such as LUSC1N1A, S0UL3D0UT, and FATHERLAND went on to become some of the bands more recognizable tunes. LUSC1N1A's success came about with the help of local filmmaker Eddie Curran's vision in writing and directing the music video for the song, which was a continuation of the story from The Father's music video. 

The recording of the project took place at Sub-T Studios with the band's go-to producer Ron Baake over the course of 6 months. Shortly after it's release, Hans Jaeger and Connor Jackowick joined the band as full-time guitarists, and Joshua Hill departed the group.