and for my last trick, i'll make it all go away,

in one breath...


Following the departure of Joshua Hill, Logan, Noah, Hans, and Connor were tasked to rebuild the group from the ground up. Finding a drummer is a difficult task, and they were trying to do so without losing the momentum gained over the previous year. Several drummers were auditioned, one of which was Ronald Pershing, who was originally tasked to be the drummer, but was quickly reassigned to guitar as Logan set down the guitar and became the full-time drummer while maintaining vocal duties. Meanwhile, Noah decided to re-assign himself to synths in order to pursue the concept of creating a fuller and more intense sound through use of soundscaping, sampling, and power electronics, and the band called up Cade Agathen to play bass. 

The writing process began in December of 2019, the band attempted to find a new sound that merged the influences of all the members. Ron and Connor's punk influence, the experimental-emo sound established by Logan and Noah, Hans' affinity for writing dream pop and shoegaze, and Cade's post-hardcore/metal directions. The band eventually stumbled on a new writing process, involving the combining of individual parts from each member, and wrote the songs 5.1.1, LASTRIGHTS, and UPINFLAMES (the first song written by Ronald Pershing, and his vocal debut for the band). Many existing demos were unearthed and reworked (HECATOMB, COVEN, BABYDOLLS WELCOME), while some more conceptual pieces were written by Logan Prevatt and Noah Turks following the original writing process. All during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. 

The band began recording and performing livestream concerts, hosted on Facebook monthly. As well as promoting the album through the release of EVERYONE, 5.1.1, and SINGULARITY as singles/music videos. The album was released on June 5th.